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Who am I

My name is Nina Dourado and I am the founder and senior lawyer at ND Advogados, where I specialize in resolving the lives of dozens of clients who have dual citizenship and/or who wish to immigrate to Portugal in a simple and bureaucratic way. I am also the creator and managing partner of Nina Beatriz Dourado Lda, a company whose vocation is to manage my real estate investments in Portugal.

More recently, I also became the founder of the NinaDourado.Co project, through which I intend to share my life experiences, having traveled to more than 20 countries alone as an adult (even though I grew up in a context where traveling internationally seemed completely out of my reach) and having become financially independent in 6 months investing just over 20 thousand euros and earning a net income of 2 thousand euros/
month at age 30.



I graduated in Law in 2018 from the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), one of the most renowned and respected Law Schools in Brazil. In 2017, while doing an exchange program at the Faculty of Law of the University of Coimbra (one of the oldest and most famous Faculties of Law in Europe), I was invited to follow as an observer the doctorate in feminist studies at the same university.

In 2019, already as a lawyer, I decided to move permanently to Portugal, this time to the city of Lisbon, where in the following year I founded my office, ND Office of Lawyers, where I have successfully assisted dozens of clients interested in homologating foreign judgments in Portugal, obtain visas and Portuguese citizenship - all in a simple, objective way and with as little bureaucracy as possible.


Simultaneously, as a result of a troubled reality in which my economic stability was often threatened, I understood from an early age the urgency of organizing myself financially and investing to have an emergency fund.
So, in 2012, I started studying finance and investing on my own. In 2018 I took a course on personal financial organization and this was the first time I had contact with the concept of financial independence. In a very simplified way, a person can consider himself financially independent when he has enough passive income to meet his expenses. Before that, I didn't even know that this possibility existed, and fascinated by the idea, I went to study the subject more and more closely.

However, all the financial experts I encountered always presented financial independence as a medium/long term goal (i.e. they estimated it would take at least 10 years to achieve it) - and this hurdle frustrated me enormously, as
due to my life circumstances, as soon as I was introduced to the concept, I felt an urgency to realize this possibility.



After experimenting with different types of investments over the years, in 2022, at the age of 30, to my own surprise and in a way I had never imagined, I became financially independent by investing around €20,000 euros and earning a net income of 2 thousand euros/month.


Having experienced a particularly difficult and troubled life context, in which for a long time I felt financially vulnerable and dependent on people who often did not have my well-being and safety in mind, I established as a personal mission in my most diverse areas of activity, give people tools so that they can have security, both through an objective, simple and intelligible legal practice with the ND Law Office, and with the promotion of independence, mainly among young women, whether in the legal or financial sphere, because with based on my life experience I believe it is through these spheres that empowerment takes place, thus allowing others who are part of minorities to feel secure to prosper and flourish in their lives.

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